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Attorney Services in Mission Viejo, CA, You Can Count On

Let The Law Offices of C.R. Abrams, PC, be your guide in the planning and administration of estates. We offer a variety of attorney services in Mission Viejo, CA, that help families stay on track. With our skill, experience, and emphasis on personalized service, we make it easier to navigate the complexities of the law. 

Whether you are planning your estate or have been designated as an executor, we are here for you. Since 1984, we have helped a multitude of clients in a wide range of legal matters, including estate administration, taxes, probate, and more. At our firm, we put clients first. We will work with you to ensure your family, and your assets, are secure for the future. Hands down, you may count on us to be your family’s guide in a variety of legal issues.

Your Advocates in Probate Law and Estate Planning

We understand: the prospect of estate planning is never a comfortable undertaking. Amongst family members and close friends, tension and emotions can flare up. Let our firm help you secure the future for your family. By working with our experienced attorneys, you can establish a concrete plan that ensures your wishes are honored. We utilize our knowledge and experience in the field of estate law and probate to ensure all legal matters are handled as quickly as possible. Our legal services include: 

Estate Planning and Administration: It can be hard to imagine what life will look like after you’ve passed away. Let us help you plan for what comes afterward. With our team, it will be easier to pass on assets, designate an executor, and streamline the legal proceedings related to your estate.

Wills and Trusts: Wills and trusts are legally binding documents that allow you to allocate funds, assets, and property to people you designate. We’ll help you draft and establish documents that will be valid in the courts--and give your family peace of mind. 

Probate Law: When an estate goes into probate, a judge must determine who will be responsible for the assets, property, and outstanding debts of the deceased--including estate and related taxes. Our attorneys provide solid legal representation for executors of estates. We’ll help you navigate probate proceedings, so you have an easier time settling the estate of a family member or close friend. 

Your future is clear and actionable with our law firm. Our attorney services include a free, one-hour consultation, where you may learn what we can do for you. Many of our clients are also eligible for ongoing legal service free of charge--a testament to our commitment and person-centric approach to service. 

Contact us to learn more about our attorney services. We are based in Mission Viejo, CA, and serve Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Diego Counties.