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Estate Planners in Mission Viejo, CA

At C.R. Abrams, our mission is to provide affordable estate-planning services for the average American family throughout their lifetime. Quite simply, we have found that recurring charges for needed consults and amendments drive people away from their estate-planning attorneys—people fail to keep up their estate plan to reflect their life changes for fear of incurring additional legal fees! We have taken all costs away from that process forever.

Wills and Trusts

You want the best for your family in the future, and we can help you get all legal preparations and paperwork in order. Wills and Trusts are essential documents that will let lawyers distribute your belongings and property in accordance with your wishes. If these documents aren't filed correctly, it can create legal obstacles for your family after you pass. That's why The Law Offices of C.R. Abrams, PC can help you understand how the system works and ensure that everything is prepared for future generations.

Wills and Trusts specifically deal with allocating funds, assets and setting up entitlement to inheritance or property. The details matter, especially in terms of legality; that's why our team can represent your family members should anything be discussed at court. Our probate administration services are here to help defend your last wishes when the distribution is left up to a judge to determine who will be responsible for your assets and outstanding debt.

Contact us today to learn more about getting assistance with Wills and Trusts. Invest in the peace of mind of knowing that everything is well taken care of after you pass, including your family. It's worthwhile figuring out how to distribute your assets and discussing with our team of professionals so that you can feel certain about your decisions.

Our Mission and Vision

You have worked long and hard to secure the assets you currently enjoy. Team up with a law firm that respects you. As your estate planners in Mission Viejo, CA, you can always expect quality service and representation that meets your needs. We work with you to navigate the complexities of the law. In turn, you can steer your estate in the right direction, protect your assets and holdings, and ensure that your loved ones and close friends honor your wishes. 

Our firm understands that navigating legal issues can be an intimidating process—especially when it comes to your possessions. Therefore, we want to make the process simple and hassle-free for you. A core tenet of our philosophy emphasizes personalized attention. As such, we facilitate attorney services that prioritize the client. 

Nothing is more comforting than knowing that your future is secure. Let us help you attain that clarity and peace of mind. Whether you are setting up wills and trusts or wish to revise the planning or administration of your estate, we are available to assist you. We also assist clients who have been appointed as executors through probate. 

An Accessible Approach to Estate Planning

All too often, people forego planning their estate. Many are reluctant to think about the future, and much of this has to do with the notion that hiring an estate planning attorney is too expensive. A simple fact of the matter is that even though people come and go, what they leave behind does remain—and unresolved matters can only create tension amongst friends, family, and colleagues. We are committed to easing the burden so that you may look to the future, and what’s beyond, in peace. 

We take all the expenses and hassle away from you. That's right, nothing hidden, no gimmicks, and no trickery. For the last 30 years, we have never charged one client to amend or update their trusts. We amend approximately 150 to 300 trusts every month without ever charging a client. We consult with our clients on an ongoing basis, without ever charging a fee. We take all the guesswork out of this process. You only need to contact us, and we do the rest.